AudiPlus 24/7 - Modern Discreet In-Ear Hearing Aids

The future of hearing aids is here! With recent technological advancements hearing aids are now more effective and more discreet than ever before. AudiPlus 24/7 was engineered by ENT professionals to solve all the previous issues of old hearing aids such as low battery life and muffled sounds. If you haven’t had hearing aids before, there are various reasons why ENT professionals recommend AudiPlus 24/7. Studies have shown that elderly people with hearing loss have a higher mortality rate than those who wear hearing aids. Historic studies have shown that for every 10 decibels of hearing loss, the risk of dementia grows 27%. And simply, everyone should be able to hear the laughter of their grandchildren.

AudiPlus 24/7 has cut out the middle-man in the decades-old hearing aid business, driving down prices for you if you buy now over the internet. Insurance does not cover the cost of this product, but even without it, the price is a fraction of the cost of $2000 hearing aids.