ChargeHubGO - The ONLY Portable Charger You’ll Ever Need

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Of course, we all know about portable chargers… but we also know they’re all terrible! Right? Current offerings are either too bulky, charge too slowly, have limited battery, or don’t allow you to charge both your phone and the charger at once (meaning you’ll almost always have a full phone battery or a full charger… but never both).

Boom! Introducing ChargeHubGO+: the only portable charger you’ll ever need. Featuring patented SmartSpeed® technology (which finds the optimal charging speed for each device without overpowering it), the ChargeHubGO+ checks all the boxes consumers are looking for in a power bank. It easily fits into your pocket, includes a wireless charging pad and cables for all USB types, packs 5000mAh worth of power and works on all electronic devices.